How to import a DWG into QGIS

Often I must import CAD data in GIS envornment. In this turorial I show how is possible do this with QGIS.

The new versions of QGIS can import directly DWG, but if you have an old version, you can use what I explain here for import a DWG in QGIS.

First of all you must convert your DWG in DXF; if you don’t have a CAD software you can download DraftSight. DraftSight is a CAD like AutoCAD but freeware.

For the next part of this tutorial I use DraftSight. After the download and the installation start the program with double click on your DWG.

dwg in qgis
Example of DWG opened in DraftSight

Now going in File/Save as or use the keyboard combination CTRL+MAIUSC+S, otherwise type on command line _SAVEAS. After this, the program will open a classic windows for save/convert a file. Show the image below. From the menu select the extension of your file; DXF in this case.

dwg in qgis

After this you can start QGIS and import a DXF with a simple Drag&Drop or as a vector layer using the specific icon. When you import the DXF, QGIS starts a window for the choice of a typology of geometric vector to import; you can select one or all typology.

dwg in qgis

Now you have imported your DWG in QGIS!

dwg in qgis
DWG opened in QGIS